Welcome to St. Notch High, Home of the Creepers!

This is a school for humans, mobs, etc. Inspired by Sikfox’s Minecraft High sketch.

((Note: This is not canon so this will not affect your character’s story on your blog.))

Here in St. Notch High, we offer many classes and sports for our students. Standard classes, survival, redstone technology, and so much more! If you want to attend this school, send us an ask or submission!

Does anyone know any good seeds we could take a peek at for the schoolgrounds? I’m thinking probably something with a really big plains / hills and maybe a few other small biomes nearby. -X


uvu Hey guys! We were thinking maybe that you teachers in this group would like to come poke into the server on a later date and help decorate your classrooms a bit. Whadda ya think? Would anyone be up for that and if yes [whether yes or no please answer this [with whatever applies] so we know people see this post~] what days are usually good?

ask-kendell-brine asked:

[[Mun: can my character,Kendell Brine, join? If i can,im going to somehow submit my art to you(im using phone....- -......)^-^]]

Deb: As long as you submit a completed and acceptable application [student/teacher/other] with an included picture, you can join!

Quick little notice~

[[ It just came to mind as I was talking about the school we’re working on that yeah, we’re gonna be using MC the game as well. This means that if you want to join in all the server fun you’ll need to make skins for each character you’re going to be using in the servers. <3 If it’s a teacher put them in their work outfit and if it’s a student put them in their school uniform [you don’t /have/ to make an outfit for each season or alternative but it might be cute to make a couple since skin updates will make changing skins easier]. Even if you think you’re no good at making skins make it anyway~ <3 We’re not judging them or anything, it’s just to make the experience a bit more fun! c:    -X ]]


"Hello… my name is Kit? I’m the new transfer student from Crestpoint Academy for Hybrids - I was told that I should enroll here? I hope there wasn’t a mistake in the paperwork…"

Brief Bio:

Kit is an Enderbat hybrid spawned in The End who was previously enrolled at Crestpoint Academy for Hybrids, a mob-only school academy on the Overworld that she transferred from in order to receive a higher level of education and become more accustomed to human interaction. Thanks to her prior education, she has already fulfilled the Mathematics requirement. Nonviolent and peaceful, she will avoid conflict whenever possible, and is not aggravated by eye-contact. While a good student and often one to get along with the teachers, Kit is cripplingly shy and is almost never the first to approach someone new, preferring to stay somewhat in the background. Kit carries a special permission slip that allows her to bypass wearing the school uniform’s knee-socks, since they tear too easily from the gripping-claws on her feet, and wears modified shoes so they don’t scratch up the floor. Her claws are blunt except for the tips, so there’s no danger of accidentally scratching a classmate. She wants to join the swim team (since she is immune to water, but often has difficulty signing up because the extracurricular managers assume she’s either joking or suicidal), and her dream is to be the first cartographer to make legible and widely used maps of the End and the Nether.

Selected Classes:

-Creative Writing

-Biomes and Survival




-Nether Safety


-Swim Team (wants to join, still needs to convince the teachers that she can in fact swim and not die from acidic burns)

((I’m making a sideblog for this AU version of Kit, if my character application is accepted :).))

HH: hello? i’m here about a teacher position?

Full Name: Angel (the hellhound) Wolviena

Desired Course: animal husbandry, mob biology

Why should we hire you to teach this course?: HH- well ive spent my entire life near ranches and learned first hand how animals behave, what they’re like, and how to deal with them. also i can give a creative aspect to learnin’ so though it looks like it’s all fun and games, to them, they’re learnin’ important material.


Drawn by Xobb [[Only for MC High blog use.]]

Full Name: Skye Sweet

Desired Course: Art - Painting

Why should we hire you to teach this course?: This is the usual response from many. I love art, I’ve done Artistic hobbies since I was 12 years old. I am now 24 years old.


Drawn by Xobb [[Only for MC High blog use.]]

Name: Robert S.

Grade: 12th


  • Nether Safety
  • Combat
  • Weapons and armor
  • Redstone engineering
  • Galactese
  • Brewing

EA: Fencing 

Robert is a very nice guy but isn’t very popular. he spends most of his time in the library reading about heros of the past. He has a passion for swords and redstone.

Teacher Application


Drawn by Xobb [[Only for MC High blog use.]]

My name is Rikimaru Tsuki.

I am a regular guy with lot of knowledge on utilizing redstone as well as on how to fight in dire situations.

Is there an open spot for Teaching redstone and Combat? If so i would very much like to apply for the position of teacher for Redstone Circuitry 101 and Combat.


Drawn by Xobb [[Only for MC High blog use.]]

My name is known as Pumpkinman.

I am a soon to be Local Hero and skilled potion brewer.

I would like to apply for the position of teacher for the Brewing and Combat classes.

As a Hero, combat and potion usage is something i use a lot on a daily basis, making me quite the skilled individual.

Anonymous asked:

Like different types of magic. Pyromancy, Hydromancy, that sort of thing. Varied magical arts.

Deb: Since magic casting is something typically used for destructive purposes, Minecraft High does not yet officially sponsor a club to teach or practice magic casting. However, if you know who to ask on campus, you may find some useful information~